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Wilson & Friends welcomes you!!!

Welcome to Wilson and Friends, the demo store!

How to use the Demo Store:

Wilson and Friends is a mock-up web site, full of pages that you can use for your own project.

All the pages used in the demo store are located in the root folder.

Not only did we include 10 unique blank template pages (located in the 'blank-template-pages' folder). We've also included 20 pre-designed web pages full of generic copy (located in the 'root' folder.) You can edit the copy as much as you like, and use it for your own web site!

We've enlisted the aid of several marketing gurus to design this demo web site that will help you attract new visitors and keep your existing visitors coming back, and most importantly guide your visitors to 'click' on the submit or add to cart button for your products and services.

Open your site map to view the complete list of pages in the:
Wilson & Friends 'Demo Web Store'.

We've also included a couple of BONUS pages. If you're itching to reach the top of the search engine rankings for keywords favorable to your web site, you're sure to appreciate: Search Engine Optimized pages (SEO).

Search Engine Optimized pages.

SEO Info page

SEO Product page

Ancient Chinese Secret
...you will find your SEO info and product pages stored in the blank template pages folder. No demo available for this one though. We spent a good deal of time and money developing the SEO pages for you, and we do not want our 'coding' hi-jacked. These pages are not difficult to set up, and we include a video tutorial to walk you through the process.

Shopping Cart
Nice simple catalog HTML page
...a great page for displaying your products. Add features, pricing, and link to a product detail page in the 'product-details-page' folder of the demo-store.

Customer Care
A unique customer help page
...this page is designed to hold a lot of links and info to help your customers. It is really a 'sitemap' of help pages in your web site, but laid out to be very visitor friendly.

Product Support
Form page to the max
...pre-designed form page for product support. Simple and straightforward.

A must for every successful web site.
...visitors who take time to 'drill down' for more information on your web site are hooked, don't let them fall off the line. Take your time, reel them in.

Site Search
Just the facts
...we hope your visitors will not have to rely upon the site map as the best way to navigate your site, but it is a good idea to include this page.

Two pieces of ID Please
...or how about a user name and password? We've added the Coffeecup Password wizard flash login script for this page. You will need to purchase the this program separately, but it is a great program for creating nice simple login pages.

Contact Us
Excuse me Please
...now this is how a contact page was meant to be.

About Us
And why is this important?
...here's a great chance to convince your visitors that you are the right company or person to deal with.

Journalism 101
...a primo, super method of getting your web site listed nice and high in the search engines. Search engines love content, and this is a great method of delivering it.

Product Details
When the catalog just isn't enough
...each product on the catalog page can link to a product detail page.

No need to reply
...similar to the contact page, but in short form. Give your visitors a method of sending their thoughts, comments or feedback.

Off Line Ordering
I like the pen and paper method
...when you can, you should provide more than one method for your customers to order your products.

And what do you do with my information?
...we're all concerned about what happens with our personal information. Let your visitors know what you do with theirs by using this generic template.

Similar to above,
...a bit more detail than the privacy page. If you collect credit card information over the net, you should let your visitors know what security measures you have in place. Check with your merchant service provider for details.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea
...well not quite relevant, but it sounds good. Shipping policies, pricing etc.

Print Page Template
No more printing on two pages?
...designed specifically for printing. This page includes the 'print button' script. The table width will fit perfectly onto any 8.5x11 page or larger.

Were you able to find the answers you were looking for? If not, has a member-created FAQ section, ready to answer your questions. If your question is not listed, then post a new question, and it could be answered in as little as 30 minutes!

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