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The flash menu is created with Flashation. An excellent, easy to use menu bar tool, for creating, you got it, Flash Menu's.

Flashation is not included with your web site purchase. You can visit the Flashation web site, and purchase for under $30.00 ( at time of publishing )

The benefits of using a Flashation menu bar in your website:

1.  What is Flashation learn all about it here!
2.  Find out why we love this particular Menu Maker tool, and why we've teased you with this demo.
How do I edit this menu bar?

*  Why we love this particular Menu Maker tool, and why we've teased you with this demo!

  1. Easy installation, very small file size, and great power. Works with all web page editors.

  2. Easy to edit. Start Flashation, create a new menu project, and edit away. When you're done, save the SWF file back to your web site.

  3. It's saved as a SWF file in your web site, which uses less than six lines of code on your web pages.

  4. You only need to change the menu on one page, to update all pages that use that menu.

  5. Much faster than Dreamweavers Navigation Bar tool!

  6. When you update the menu bar, you only need to upload a one files to your server. No need to upload the entire web site!

  7. It's cheap, at less than $30, it's hard to compare to the time you'll save ( $25.00 at time of publishing, pricing may vary )

  8. GREAT for FRONTPAGE users too! Flashation does not rely upon FrontPage extensions, so if your 'server' has a small server extension accident, or if you somehow corrupt your FrontPage server extensions, you won't loose your web site navigation. ( oh, let me tell you the stories...)

We have not found a flash menu tool that is as quick, efficient, and inexpensive as Flashation Menu Maker.

Oh, and did you see the cool looking buttons!!!




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