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    Web Site Package FEATURES & BENEFITS:

    Your i3d design team understands that many of you do not need this much information. No problem, just delete the pages you don't need, open the 'blank-template-pages' folder, and copy the blank template page of your choice to build your web site. But you never know what tid-bit of useful information you may find. There just may be something of interest for you do-it-yourselfer's out there!

    What's included with the 'web site package'?
    -template page information
    -additional website features
    I'm new to web design, what kind of help can I get?
    -video tutorials
    -FrontPage help files
    -member submitted FAQ's
    -premium services
    -excellent support staff!
    What are the benefits of the free membership with i3d?
    -learn more
    What's in the development-kit folder?
    -learn more
    I need my web site to have a certain look, can this template be customized for my type of business?
    -learn more
    Your Demo Store website, includes 20 pre-designed template pages full of generic copy. You can easily edit the 'copy' to suit your needs. Literally save hours and even days of 'development' time with these professionally designed web pages.
     The demo store 'page set up / layout' was designed with the help of our own marketing guru's, and industry experts. The goal of the demo web site is to help you effectively present your web site while giving your visitors a reason to click on the add to cart button, sign up for a membership or just return to your site on a timely basis.
    Each template page in the demo web site links to a detailed 'setup page'. Just click on :
    2 BONUS  template pages included: With the help of some very successful search engine 'optimization' guru's, we've included 2 template pages designed to take advantage of the 'common' search algorithms used in the majority of today's search engines such as Google. By following the set up tutorial, you should have a clear advantage over your competition for search engine placement.
    seo-info-blank ( search engine optimized 'information' page )
    seo-product-blank ( search engine optimized 'product' page )

    Your 'Demo Store' contains the following pre-designed pages
    Demo Web Home Feedback Shipping
    Shopping Cart Help & Customer Care Request Support
    Visitor Re-direct Order Offline product-detail-blank
    About Us Privacy seo-info-blank
    Articles Return Policies seo-product-blank
    Contact Us Search Printer Friendly Page
    F.A.Q.'s Security Accessibility
    Acknowledgement email Member-login  
    each page is linked to it's own  'set up' guide

    Additional website features:

    loads of additional graphics designed to match your web site template pages [ additional graphics  ]
    -Photoshop PSD, and Fireworks PNG editable source files included for all icons, buttons, and script elements
    -Download trial software for 30 days, view the video tutorials, and edit the source files to create your own icons, button, or graphic elements.
    many useful scripts, with graphics:
    add to favorites
    make my home page
    contact us
    member login
    site search
    compatible with FrontPage ( all versions ), Dreamweaver, and all standard HTML editors
    compatible With Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera
    accessability, using cascading style sheets [ accessible design ]
    flash source files included [ download from members page ]
    horizontal flash XML menu, easily updated using windows 'Notepad'
    three navigation / menu bar options [ FrontPage, Xara Menu Maker, Flashation Flash Menu's ]
    text message boxes
    drop down jump menu
    Video Tutorials: Visit our tutorials page, we've created an excellent online resource to help you learn how to edit the content of your web site, as well as provided a 'step by step' guide to help you work with the more detailed files in your web site package like the 'flash intro'.
    FrontPage Help Files: If you need a quick answer to your FrontPage question,  look in your web site package for the answers: more...
    F.A.Q.'s - member submitted: your fellow members at i3d are one of the best resources to help answer your questions. You'll be hard pressed to find any web site template with as many 'resources' available as this one. Submit your own FAQ, and i3d will usually answer with in 2 hours on business days. An email will be sent to you informing you of the response, and a link to view it online!
    Premium Services: 30 minutes included!
    What is premium service? i3d will provide you with a personal 'coach' to help you with your particular needs.
    How can I use my premium services? Find out here...
    Excellent Support Staff: also known as your coaches! Most of us had already mastered customer relations well before the internet was a household word! Yup, sad to say, we've been around the block a few times.
    Is that spelt 'Cobalt' or 'Cobol', hmmm...
    Your members page contains 6 important resources:
    Transaction History: a history of all purchases made with i3dthemes
    File Downloads: download your web site package, editable files, and customized files, 24/7
    Custom Services: Submit your custom request, request a premium service, or check on the progress or history for both.
    Communication Center: never lose another email again. Send, receive, and review past email, or telephone messages any time.
    Help & Tutorials: direct links to your web site video tutorials. You can even request a video tutorial!
    F.A.Q.'s, submit/review: submit an F.A.Q. if you can't find it in our database. F.A.Q.'s usually responded to with in 2 hours, during business hours.
    Your development kit is a direct link to the web master resources on i3dthemes. As we are continually adding and updating our development kit, all information can be found here.
    What's in the development kit? Your development kit covers 5 main topics important to all web masters:
    Hosting: Learn about our hosting partners. Read the reviews, and make an informed decision when purchasing your hosting package.
    Domain registration: Best values for registering your domain.
    Search Engine marketing: learn about the various approaches to preparing your web site for search engine listings. Find out how to improve your rankings!
    Web Site Marketing: learn how to build a successful 'Sales' or 'Information' web site.
    i3deas: suggestions from our staff and members on how to improve your web site.
    One of our most popular services, custom design. Take any existing web site package, and modify the graphics to perfectly match your needs.

    What type of services do we provide?

  • Change the color of the web site to match your current business or organization. Send us your image's, or company logo and we'll match the web site color scheme.
    Add your own images to the template design, send us your pics, we'll do the rest.
    Replace the existing images with a selection from our online catalog ( thousands of royalty free professional images to choose from )
    Basically, anything you need. We've had all sort of requests, from 3d flash animated hockey pucks with the Saint Louis Blues emblem embedded, to creating personal logo's. We'll give you a straight up estimate, and stick to it. If your request was not possible, I'm sure your coach would let you know. Hasn't happened yet, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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