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    FrontPage has an excellent built in help and tutorial program. We have laid out a basic index of the most frequently asked questions below, so you can see for yourself the ease and detail of the built in help program. Once you have become familiar with FrontPage's built in help program, you will save hours of wasted time, and create a web site that is truly functional for your needs.

    **the links below are provided via the FrontPage Help Menu. Although the information is the same as in the Help Program, it is provided as a demonstration. You can access the entire help program via the following method**

     To access the built in help menu:

    Look to the top right corner of FrontPage, you will see the grayed out "Help Box". Place your cursor into the box by double clicking, then type your question.

    Each bulleted answer will link you to the appropriate help file.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Graphics, How do I?

    Add a graphic to a web page
    Add text that describes a graphic
    Edit a graphic in a graphics application
    Import a file or folder to a web site
    Specify a low
    Change properties of a graphic
    About reducing graphics download time
    Troubleshoot graphics
    About using graphics
    About link bars
    Add a link bar to a page
    Change the orientation of a link bar
    Customize Navigation view
    Delete a link bar
    Change which pages are displayed on a link bar
    Add an external hyperlink to a link bar
    Change the page labels on a link bar
    Create a navigation structure
    Change the style of a link bar
    Troubleshoot navigation
    Add a comment to a web page
    About creating and designing web pages
    Edit a comment on a web page
    Add search engine keywords to a web page
    Open the last web site automatically when you start FrontPage
    Set web page margins
    Create a new web page
    Preview a web page in a Web browser
    Refresh a web page or a view
    Save a web page
    Send a copy of a web page in an e
    Stop loading a web page
    About page templates
    Change the title bar of my web page
    About managing the publishing process
    Delete a file or folder that has been published
    Check for errors on a page
    Add or change a publishing location
    Mark pages that you don
    Test your network connection
    Publish a web site
    Set up your computer as a Web server
    Troubleshoot publishing
    Create a web site
    Delete a shared template
    Import a web site
    Open a web site
    Rename a web site
    About formatting text and paragraphs
    Add borders around text
    Find text
    Format text
    Highlight or add shading to text
    Paste text and graphics
    About pasting text and graphics
    Find and replace text
    Resize text quickly
    Select text or graphics
    Check spelling in a page or web site
    Troubleshoot text formatting
    Undo or redo an action
    Change the Views bar
    Create a web site offline before putting it on the Internet or intranet
    Customize views
    Set the default preview browser window size
    Switch views
    Use Advanced Search


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