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    Some of your visitors will be using browser-assisted programs such as 'screenreaders' to access the content of your web pages.  Screenreaders read the text, or the alternate 'text' tags on your web page.

    Screenreaders can not read all content, or components on a web page, so an alternate means of communicating this information should be put into place.

    You do not need to provide an ugly web page to accommodate these programs. We've taken the appropriate measures to ensure that your highly attractive web site can be viewed and understood by all your visitors.

    You web site is designed with a few accessibility features in mind. 

    Graphics - An 'alt' text description is provided with each graphic, to describe the name of the graphic for screenreaders, or to help folks who prefer to surf the web with the graphics turned off in their browser.
    Image Maps - We do not use any image maps in your website. We provide an alternate set of text links on all pages. Links that can be easily read by a screenreader.
    Multimedia - We provide a text description and an alternate text link on all pages with multimedia content.
    Color - Color schemes are consistent throughout your website. Cascading Style sheets are used to control the font and background colors of your web pages.
    Organization - All pages are first designed without the cascading style sheet. They are designed to be easily read, and understood. We do this to ensure that people who do not have up to date browsers (anything older than a version 5) will receive the same experience as those people who do. Older browsers do not support Cascading Style Sheets.  After all checks out, we apply the style sheet, then test again.
    JavaScript, Applets, and Plug-ins - Your web pages provide alternative content in case script execution is turned off or the feature is not supported by the browser or by the assistive technology (e.g., screenreader).
    Tables - All pages are designed with the complete and proper 'strict' HTML coding. Each table has the associated height and width attributes.


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